The Things Teachers Can Learn from a Coach

I discovered tonight while sitting at my daughter’s volleyball practice that I could learn a lot as a teacher just by paying attention to her coach.  I’m currently reading, “Never Work Harder Than Your Students” – The book focuses on 5 principles that master teachers apply everyday in their classroom that make them master teachers. … Continue reading

Teaching Should be a Crime

“Scandal of education; every time you teach something you deprive a child the pleasure and benefit of discovery.” ~Seymour Papert I had no idea who Seymour Papert was before seeing the afore mentioned quote, but the quote made me curious enough to explore deeper and find more. What I found is that “people laughed at … Continue reading

What Message Do You Send?

Sitting at dinner tonight I listened to my daughter and her friend discuss how much they felt a couple of their teachers hated them. Well, not so much anymore they felt, they don’t yell as them quite as much these days and don’t single them out for things they were never doing in the first … Continue reading

Busy vs. Engaged

I had a short conversation with a colleague between classes today that left me saying to myself, “Hmmmm, she doesn’t get it.” The conversation went like this; “Man my kids are wound up today. Are yours?” “No,” I replied. “In fact, they are totally engaged in what they are doing. We are creating podcasts on … Continue reading

Twitter for Teaching

10 Ways, and Counting, To Use Twitter for Teaching………. 1.  140 character summary-Grades 3 and up After reading a selection have students log on to Twitter and write a summary in 140 characters or less.  This forces students to focus on the important elements of the story. 2.  Create a class story-Grades 3 and up … Continue reading