Google’s Wonder Wheel

Just discovered Google’s Wonder Wheel.  Making your search life organized and easier.  Wondering what it is and how it works?  Watch the demonstration video embedded here. Advertisements

Capturing Wormeli’s Think Alouds

What if no homework was allowed?  Would you teach differently? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zeros send this message: 1.  This assignment has no legitimate educational value 2.  It’s okay if you don’t learn this. 3.  This work you didn’t do……you don’t need to do it. If any of those are true, then DON’T ASSIGN IT!  If we do … Continue reading

Powerful Learning Conference-Take Away 2/5

The second breakout session I attended after the morning keynote was facilitated by the keynote speaker and was titled, Building a Culture of Collaboration.  Dr. Buffum expanded on some of the ideas that he hit during his keynote and also introduced some specific strategies to use in establishing and building a PLC in schools. One … Continue reading

Powerful Learning Conference-Take Aways

I had the opportunity to attend the Powerful Learning Conference on February 1 and 2nd.  I must say that I was highly impressed with the quality of the presentations and the profound learning that took place for myself and fellow colleagues.  Over the next few posts, I intend to share key learnings along with my … Continue reading

Encouraging Bad Practice

It completely discourages me when I see cool tech with decent potential for classroom use encouraging bad instructional practices.  For instance, Edgalaxy, A Site for Nerdy Teachers, recently posted an article about What2Learn, that “offers some really simple to create flash-based literacy games that you can either get your students to create or simply make … Continue reading

Dissolving the Lines that Stifle Creativity

Consider this quote that I came across on Twitter; My 5 yr-old RE:coloring book.”Why are there all these lines everywhere? They just get in my way.” @tom8williams I had never thought of the lines getting in the way, but instead serving as a guide to make an unfinished product complete.  But, even when it’s complete … Continue reading